What we do

We deliver in-person and online workshops that encourage active and deep-listening skills within children.

How we do it

We focus on playful engagement with sound rather than music, emphasising learning through hands-on discovery.

Who we are

The SoundHoppers team comprises individuals specialising in sonic art and children’s education.


SoundHoppers is a sound exploration and deep-listening workshop for children aged between 5-11 years old.

The sessions aim to encourage attentive deep listening by way of a series of gamified listening exercises that explore various aspects of sound – whether that’s proximity (i.e. how far or close a sound is) or timbre (i.e. the tonality and type of sound), or volume (ie how loud or quiet a sound is). Children are also given access to specially constructed Soundboxes, transducers and other sound-generating devices and materials to explore how sound travels through a variety of different materials and objects.

We work/ed with:

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“Our intention at SoundHoppers is to instil within the children a sense of careful listening and sonic curiosity, without the formalities of traditional musical discourse.”