Greenwich Theatre, London

Greenwich Theatre, London

A sound exploration workshop, allowing children to explore their sonic curiosity outside the rigidity of traditional music!

Aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 11, and developed by sound artists, the workshop removes exploratory barriers and allows children to engage with sound freely and playfully. Attendees are encouraged to adopt a sense of careful listening and sonic curiosity through numerous listening activities exploring various aspects of sound (e.g., proximity, timbre, and volume). They are also given access to bespoke soundboxes, transducers and other sound-generating devices and materials, allowing them to explore how sound travels through materials and objects.

Music is rightly considered a language in itself. It involves rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and complex modes of performance, but we feel steering away from this language allows children to be much more uninhibited in their explorations of and with sound and allows for a freer and more playful engagement with it as a medium. The intention, then, is to instil within the children a sense of careful listening and sonic curiosity without the formalities of traditional musical discourse.


Address: Crooms Hill, London, SE10 8ES

Monday 13th Feb 2023, starts at 11 am

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